May 31 – June 13, 2013 Vol. 15, No. 1

Summertime in the Belgrades

May 31 – June 13


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In one of summer's eternal pastimes, children play on the rocks at the edge of the water. More . . .

Cover Story

Summer of 2013: It's Good To Be In Maine

It's good to be in Maine, good to feel the summer unfolding, to watch the patchwork greening of the countryside and bluing of the lakes, to enjoy the homecoming qualities of this unique season and to look forward to the sameness and the saneness of local summertime traditions. More . . .


Gift of the Glacier: The Maine Landscape

The L.C. Bates Museum's summer art exhibition, Gift of the Glacier: The Maine Landscape, celebrates Maine's great beauty by depicting the state's landscape and geology that document the work of the glaciers. The rounded hilltops, rocky slopes and glacial lakes of Maine not only provide a beautiful place to live, but lend themselves to compelling works of art. The exhibition will run through October 15,  2013. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

The Boathouse

It was a fairly normal day, probably in June in about 1953. I was fiddling along the shoreline of the stream behind my parent's house and those of other owners as well. The boathouse I was approaching looked like an old grey mountain. It seemed odd, and scary; there was no door, just a black opening. Little by little curiosity was winning over fear and I drew closer to the dark hole, hoping the old man that lived in the house wouldn't see me. More . . .


Bass and Birds

Welcome back to another fun filled year of playing in the Belgrade Lakes! As I sit here typing away, my mind is full of daydreams and wonders what adventures are in store this summer. I wonder what giant fish will be caught this year and by whom. More . . .

Pet World

On the Road Again . . .

Now that Memorial day has been and gone, a lot of people are hitting the road to explore new places or to visit old familiar ones for the summer. Many of you enjoy bringing your pets along on the adventure, but there are several things to consider when you're packing up the car. Not only should you pack your pet's necessities, but you also need to consider the challenges of being on the road and keeping your pet safe once you've arrived. More . . .


Loon Ridge: Rebuilding A Lodging Legacy

The changes going on at Belgrade's historic overnight fishing camps on Route 27 near the bridge across Belgrade Stream have been attracting attention for over a year now as the compact cottages overlooking the water have been carefully rebuilt, the grounds cleared, landscaping added, and a new Loon Ridge sign put in place. What's inside these neat buildings with their new raised roofs, rustic brown siding, flower boxes, touches of sporting décor, picnic tables and grills? More . . .

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