August 24 – Fall, 2012 Vol. 14, No. 12

Summertime in the Belgrades

August 24 – Fall


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This cluster of a beekeeper's hive boxes sits in the blueberry barrens on top of the Kennebec Highlands in Vienna.

Cover Story

Summer Ends . . . or Does It?

Summer ends, doesn't it? Or does this season that is still with us, still gracing the lakes with sunshine and dousing the gardens with rain just add to all those summers that are stored in a special place where memories blend, where change stands stiller, and where better times always rise to the surface. More . . .


2012 Milfoil Action Plan Assessment

With summer winding down and this year's milfoil work in Great Pond coming to an end, it's a good time to do an assessment. Just what have we accomplished and what do we face in the future? More . . .


Free to Fly: Keeping Cats Indoors Protects our Songbirds

Since the aftermath of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, many believe that we have done what we need to do to protect our nation's birds. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The issues causing songbird population declines are many, but there is something we can do to help birds in our own backyards. Keeping domestic cats indoors or in fenced enclosures is one of the best things we can do for the birds. Each year four billion birds and small mammals are killed by free-roaming cats. More . . .

& Outings

Maine's Favorite Birds A Book Worth Owning

Earlier in the summer, I wrote a piece saying that "Hallowell residents are 'for the birds.'" Not for a minute am I about to recall that statement but rather add to it by saying that Maine natives as well as hundreds of summer visitors in this amazingly beautiful state are dedicated birdwatchers. That fact alone prompts me to tell you about a book recently released by Tilbury House. More . . .


Face the Days Ahead

Ahh! Look September is right around the corner. But, WAIT no longer do I have to think about kids getting ready to go back to school. Every one of them has graduated, not only from high school but from college, and they have been on their own since when was it 1989 and I have no need to think of the back-to-school tasks! But, having brought this thought realistically to mind, I truly wonder what my life will be like. More . . .

Conservation Too

End of the Season But Plenty of Conservation Left to Do

Even though it's the last 2012 issue of Summertime in the Belgrades, most of the readers remain in the area. There is still plenty you can do to protect water quality before winter sets in. You can do things now that will actually help throughout the winter. We all benefit from clean water and we all live in a watershed Even if you are not on the shoreline of a pond or lake you impact a water body in one way or another. More . . .


2012: A Summer to Remember

As I sit here and write the final article of the season, my mind drifts over all the memories created during our fishing excursions this summer. We made a lot of memories and caught a lot of good fish, but even more memorable was getting to see all my summer friends who travel to the Belgrades each year to enjoy our beautiful playground. More . . .

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