July 23, 2010Vol. 12, No. 7

Milfoil Musing

We receive the news rather stoically . . . another milfoil discovery, a new location, interesting speculations, an immediate plan of action, hope for the best, relief that much education, experience, ability to react is already in place here in the Belgrades.

Great Meadow Stream: we remember it well — that's where the parents canoed from Great to North Ponds when they were newlyweds (1937!!). They always lamented that they were only equipped with a few oranges for refreshment, not knowing it would be such a long, hot paddle. But in those days, they were surrounded by water . . . they could drink. Just a little cupful out of the lake!

We remember the stream, too, as the release site of a frog purchased for the annual Frog Day contest in Norridgewock. He/she had served its competition purposes and deserved freedom again. Of course, frogs are supposed to be returned to where they came from. But to the baitman's frog-crowded cooler? Not our jumper.

Frogs, we find out thankfully, and other animals are not carriers of milfoil.

That hurdle passed, we return to the big picture, the watershed one: yes, there are challenges and even problems in the Belgrades, but look — once again — what is being done proactively! The stream is already posted, the permit in place, let the hand pulling begin.

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